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Amazing Magician Sawing Assistant in Half Costumes

moncler coats for women It’s time for the Halloween Golden Magic Show! Master Magician Phoenix the Phenomenal is showing off his latest trick. He sawed his little assistant, 8 week old Gryphon, right down the middle. Abracadabra, Gryphon is in two! But don’t worry, Phoenix will soon put Gryphon back together again! moncler coats for women

moncler coats sale We wanted to pick something different and unique for our dogs’ costumes. We thought it would be cool to make a fun illusion. We have an discount moncler jackets adult golden retriever and we were getting cheap moncler sale a golden puppy, so we knew we could moncler outlet online do something to take advantage of his tiny size before he got to be a moncler womens jackets big dog. We wanted to pick something that cheap moncler jackets womens would show the size difference between the dogs. We decided moncler outlet sale on a magician sawing his assistant in half, because we cheap moncler jackets mens knew we could fit uk moncler outlet the puppy into a carton and use a stuffed toy dog of a similar size to look like his back end. We picked everything out and made it all before we even got the puppy, so it was all ready to go, because puppies grow moncler outlet fast! moncler coats sale

Official Moncler Outlet We got it all together cheap moncler jackets and it was a big success. Our friends and family loved it and fell over laughing. The puppy, Gryphon, moncler outlet store was so tiny, he kept falling asleep. moncler sale online He didn’t mind the costume at all and seemed to think the box he was inside was a little bed. It came with a silver vest uk moncler sale and black jacket with a collar. We cut the neck hole a little larger to make it easy to fit over Phoenix’s head, and we tied up the bottom of the outfit so that he wouldn’t moncler uk outlet trip on it. We stuffed the sleeves of the outfit going all the way into the shoulders with stuffing, cheap moncler coats mens to look like a human’s arms. To make the hands, we stuffed the gloves, pushing the stuffing deep into each finger to make it look as realistic as possible. It’s important not to over stuff it, and to make sure the fingers are wider at moncler outlet prices the bottom than at the top to look like real fingers. We then attached the ends of the gloves into the sleeves of the magician outfit, making sure the black sleeves were on the outside of the gloves for a realistic look. We used the fishing line to tie the moncler outlet handle of the saw onto one glove, making sure to tie on the fingers separately and position them correctly. moncler sale outlet We best moncler jackets tied the end of the magic wand onto the other glove in the same way. We glued the carnation onto the lapel of the jacket, to add an extra touch. For the top hat and wig, we used moncler online store elastic to add a string to keep it on Phoenix’s head. We used silver stretch sequin trim to make moncler usa bands for each of his paws, which we made big enough to stay on comfortably, but not big enough to fall off. We glued the ends together. We made the headband in the same way, a little bigger, and added moncler sale a black marabou feather to the back of it. We also strung it with elastic to keep it on Gryphon’s head. For the back of the assistant’s body, we needed a toy stuffed dog as similar to Gryphon as possible. We had a few golden retriever stuffed toys around the house. We weren’t sure which would be closest to Followers us moncler outlet woodbury him, so we lined them all up and chose at the last minute Official Moncler Outlet.

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