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The Brotherhood was exactly the opposite of what I had expected. The name itself is misleading since “Brotherhood” would imply that its members are very close and are united, like family. And yet, quite it’s quite the opposite. “It’s really hard not to get excited about Malik Reed,” Polian said. “Malik Reed is in incredible shape right now and he’s running as well as anybody on our defense, and that includes the veterans. Malik’s the kind of guy where even the older guys watch him compete and said, ‘I’m anxious to see what this guy does.’ Through the first eight weeks of this winter, he’s stood out, and that’s exciting.”.

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Fake Yeezys A bit of individual brilliance from Tahith Chong saw him charge in on goal, move the ball on to his left foot and curl an effort beyond French into the bottom corner.The game continued to ebb and flow as Greenwood curled a free kick just wide before the young Rams re took the lead.Jordan Mills drew the foul from Tanner near the left touchline. Jayden Bogle took responsibility of the free kick. He whipped it in low and right footed, with Fojticek not able to get anything on it as the ball appeared to fizz straight through him.(Image: Andy Clarke)The combination of Mitchell Lawson and Bogle both have featured for the Under 23s in recent weeks down Derby’s right was a clear plus point, the pair almost combining five minutes before the break before the chance was snuffed out.Barlow and Nishan Burkart both fired rash efforts wide for the Red Devils as they searched for an equaliser before the break.A combination of rain and snow began to fall heavily at the start of the second half, and made conditions that extra bit harder for both.United drew level for the second time of the evening after 58 minutes.Substitute Millen Baars made the running down the left, he crossed and it arrived at Barlow at the back post. Fake Yeezys

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